Weekly Rewards, Special Occasions + Reminders

So because this challenge is going for 5 weeks, I guess that it is fair that we get to treat ourselves at the end of each week.

  • Week 1: We reward ourselves with 454 grams of butter and some rice seasoning. Ought to make some of those bland bean and rice meals taste a bit better with this. Make sure to ration so it lasts.
  • Week 2: Add some new flavour to our meals with nori sheets (edible seaweed), and to crave that sweet bug that’s been eating at the back of our brains, treat yourself to a big bag of golden raisins. It should be good to have some sweetness after two weeks.
  • Week 3: Lucky!! We get a loaf of bread and a dozen eggs. Now there are so many things I can think of with these ingredients.
  • Week 4: Well, good for us; MEGA BURGER TIME!!. The reward for this week is a burger with anything you want, including fries and soda. 🙂
  • Week 5: For completing the challenge you get to indulge in anything you like.

Special Occasions: There may be times that throughout the diet there will be a special occasion that calls for indulging in some good food. If this is the case you have a choice to make, continue with your diet or make an exception and trade it in for one of you weekly rewards. (Example: a piece of chocolate cake from a birthday party can be traded in for your mega burger)

Remember to log your days during the challenge:  what you ate, how you felt, etc.

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Hey there guys!

My name is Billie and I am about to the begin the 40 day Survivor Diet Challenge. The reason I am wanting to try this out is to see if I have the mentality to be able to survive with what little food the contestants in Survivor have. I am also giving this a go  just for fun.

So basically I have to eat only rice and beans, and whatever I can find as if I am on Survivor. This includes fruits, vegetables and fish. Now because I don’t live near a good fishing spot and I don’t have any fruits or vegetable plants these things will have to be bought from the grocery store.

I am only allowed 2.88 kilograms of rice and 2.88 kilograms of beans. This amount has to last me for 40 days, so I have to remember to ration and not eat it all at the beginning other wise I won’t have much towards the end.

So pretty much I will be blogging my 40 days on here to share with you guys. Feel free to join me on this journey and give me feedback. :)

Good luck to any of you doing it, and good luck to me! :P

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